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  • " We wish we'd heard about you earlier!! My husband and I spent $575 on a Pimsleur Italian course and over time almost as much on a Rosetta Stone Spanish course. We bought your Portuguese course and were amazed to find that it's even better, at half the cost. Neither Pimsleur nor Rosetta Stone include a business course, for double the price. Rosetta Stone just throws you in the deep end, with either zero English or not enough to work with. Your courses have both. [Management explanation: English and the foreign language are interchangeable in all of our learning methods.] What we like most is learning real sentences that we’ll definitely use. That’s why we tell everyone who will listen that Learnlanguages24 is the way to go!!"
       (Alicia M.)
  • " I did a lot of research before buying your French courses. I wanted software that ticks all of the boxes, from value to effectiveness. I definitely found it. I feel like I’ve been winning right from day one."
       (Alistair D.)
  • " I want to let you know that I really enjoyed your Spanish course (full package deal). The conversations are practical. I often found that I was using what I had just learned the day before. That helped motivate me to keep going. I also didn't feel like learning was a chore. I am a teacher and your courses have given me a few ideas on how to teach. It is obvious to me that you are experts in your field."
       (Christina M.)
  • " Thank you for teaching me Italian! On a recent trip to Italy I saw Michelangelo’s David, which was breathtaking, and I was able to describe how I was feeling in Italian! What a truly wonderful experience! PS I have persuaded a girlfriend of mine to buy your French course."
       (Barbara J.)
  • " You asked for comments so I'll say I’m surprised at how quickly I’m learning German – something I wouldn’t have thought possible. My family is originally Austrian and I’ve always wanted to learn the language, but somehow I thought it was this huge task. It's actually easier than I was expecting. I’ve only been at it for 2 weeks and I’m already putting sentences together – a fat [sic] compliment to you guys!"
       (Tom Z.)
  • " Thanks to the ‘learning time / receiving of points’ function I have found, to my surprise, that I actually remember more words if I hear them just before going to sleep. That's when I’m usually exhausted but somehow my brain doesn’t seem to know that. That might not be the best time for everybody but it works for me. I must say I’m impressed with several aspects of your course."
       (Sean L.)
  • " Your courses offer great value for money. They are comprehensive and easy to follow. I have no hesitation in highly recommending your company because your courses work."
       (Greg D.)
  • " I work in IT, so I appreciate the logical order and clear structure of your software. The various learning methods are indeed efficient and the voice recordings are clear. My son (14 years old) is also enjoying learning new words on his tablet. We have found integration into German culture a bit easier thanks to your courses. Keep up the good work."
       (Sachin P.)
  • " The long-term memory learning method works well and I feel that none of your other learning methods are necessary. The order that the words are learned is well arranged. My primary concern was my pronunciation (I hate making mistakes...) so hearing a sentence several times and then repeating it perfectly was rewarding."
       (Sarah F.)
  • " I have found your company’s training methods to be effective. I particularly enjoy the multiple-choice method as it requires dedicated concentration. The various conversations have helped with my pronunciation. All in all, your courses offer commendable value-for-money. Congratulations on a job well done."
       (Dr. Patrick S.)
  • " Your long-term memory learning method has definitely impressed me! I just took a test after 8 years off and I got everything right, so the method works! You've just earned yourselves a repeat customer because I just bought your Spanish courses."
       (David M.)
  • " I purchased your Russian courses last month. I get the feeling that your company genuinely wants its customers to succeed. I've been learning on my iPad during the commute to work. The train ride has now become part of my hobby. I remember reading on your website that you keep people engaged in the courses. That is true because I actually look forward to learning."
       (Rita B.)
  • " Greetings from Dunedin, New Zealand. I thought I'd let you know I’m really enjoying going through your French courses. I like the way that everything is structured and that there are several ways to learn, so I can mix it up. I agree that learning is easier when it’s varied. ‘Merci’ to the experts who created the courses. You've made learning French fun!"
       (Lisa B.)
  • " Your Spanish language course is excellent! You said that I would learn quickly and you were right. The program doesn’t let me be lazy, which I guess I often am, hihi. I have to keep at it until I get the words right. I think that learning Spanish has opened my mind to a new way of seeing the world."
       (Pamela M.)
  • " I decided at the tender age of 71 to learn Japanese. While I haven't found it a breeze it is great fun, especially working on my pronunciation often leads to a big old belly laugh. I can say, much to my delight, that the words are sticking and I'm motivated to see how far I can go. My daughter told me she overheard my grandkids bragging to their friends that I can speak Japanese. They think it's 'cool'."
       (Chuck A.)
  • " ... great course! Or should I say, ‘Es ist sehr gut! Danke!’"
       (Ian M.)
  • " I recently bought your French course and I’m glad to say it was not a mistake. I was considering signing up at a college not too far from where I work but I bought your course instead. The main reasons are that your course costs way less and the big one for me is that I don’t have to drive around at night. I’m having fun and I’m learning a lot. Btw, you were right when you said it looks good on my CV."
       (Angelica C.)
  • " You wanted comments so I'm letting you know that I’ve had great success with all of your German language courses. I'm watching movies in German and I understand just about all of it. Unfortunately I was retrenched just over 4 months ago and so far I haven’t found a new job in my field, injection molding. I decided to use the downtime to learn a new language. I picked German mainly because I read their economy is doing well in this recession and they make good molding machines. If things don’t pick up over here I’m off to Germany."
       (David N.)
  • " I'm backpacking around Vietnam at the minute and getting great reactions every time I say something in Vietnamese so yeah, cool course. The multiple choice part is a big help. I feel like I'm making progress just like the website said I would."
       (Ryan K.)
  • " This is the first language course I've ever taken so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I'd say I’m impressed. The long-term memory method is interesting and the stories are quite easy to follow. I can see the practical benefit... all around a solid product."
       (Thomas S.)
  • " I'm taking your Dutch course. Your long-term memory learning method seems to be working so far. I also like the part with the hidden words - somehow it feels rewarding to fill in the blanks - could be the engineer in me? A fair deal at the price."
       (Luke D.)
  • " I’m currently living in Paris, France working as a tour guide with a bike tour company. Our customers all speak English but if I'm living here I should learn French, right? I figured I’d learn the language at a school over here, but the classes are way more expensive than your courses so I gave you guys a try and I’m sure glad I did! I’m having a blast over here and it's great to see a pretty lady smile when I speak her language - nice!"
       (Rob C.)
  • " I think it’s great that there are plenty of different ways to learn. I'm using them all, based mainly on where my mood takes me. I'm having tons of fun making new friends in Argentina and I couldn’t have done it without you, so thanks!"
       (Courtney M.)
  • " I would like to let you know that I appreciate that your software works with Linux as I think it is the best. I am moving forwards and I am enjoying the course. Everything works as advertised."
       (Erin A.)
  • " I'm totally satisfied with your language courses. Actually I was concerned about learning on a computer because me and that computer are not the best of friends. I own a copy of 'Is this thing on?’ the computer book for the digitally challenged. I'm glad to say I've found your courses user friendly and my son agrees. We're having a great time learning Chinese together, different courses at different times and he is way ahead of me, but I'll get there eventually."
       (Edith N.)
  • " ... certainly good value for money. I guess I should also say thanks for getting me to learn how to type the words correctly. I originally thought I would just skip the writing part because I didn’t really think I needed it and rather just focus on the speaking part. Now I’m glad that I can do both."
       (Jennifer N.)
  • " I'm letting you know that I think your language courses are excellent! I've purchased two full courses from your company (Italian and Spanish) and am proud to say that I now speak two foreign languages fluently. The basic course and the intermediate course were easy to follow, the proficiency course took me all the way to being fluent. I really went for it, but it was definitely worth it! I'll continue to recommend your company to others that want to learn a foreign language."
       (Tessa B.)
  • " I appreciate the unbeatable value-for-money your courses provide. Low price together with high quality, that's the perfect combination."
       (Sara E.)

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